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Antique Bedroom Set
Antique Bedroom Set Photos

Antique Bedroom Set is one of the concept of bedroom decor with a style that combined the two concepts into one beautiful components. For color selection of natural elements such as the choice of wood or chocolate brown soil. Select a brown color on the walls combined with a floor that has the same motif. For furniture a bed with a choice of wood as a bed frame with a combination of carved designs and the combination with equipment such as bed sheets, blankets and other equipment with less floral and with a matching color. Antique Bedroom Set to your decor with the installation of a pole with carved designs on the corner of the bed scales. For the room can be decorated with a combination of walls, floors, furniture, cabinets and lighting decoration lights with color selection and modern classical forms. Combination of floral decorations and decorating the windows with curtains can also be a complement to the beauty of your bedroom. Here’s a collection of Antique Bedroom Set Photos: Read the rest of this entry »

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